Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pink Surprise

At long last, it’s a brand new cap… and thank goodness! That ol’ Halloween series was really making me cringe, and in all the wrong ways. I mean, the story was good, but it didn’t seem have that special polish.

Truth be told, writing has been difficult for me lately. For one, much of energy has been devoted to other aspects of my perversion, namely by talking directly to you, the reader, in different facets of social media. Perhaps more significantly, my mind has been drifting to grander endeavours.

I’ve talked a lot over the years (for those who were paying attention) about writing an actual book. Indeed, the stories in my mind have been growing larger and more complex, and I have found myself sketching out plotlines and characters during times when I’d otherwise be captioning.

Now, don’t get too excited (keep those panties dry… for now!) since any such book would be a looooooong way in the future, but the seeds have been planted. In the meantime, I will try to stay current on this blog and post more of this delightful little gems that you oh so enjoy.

Speaking of which, this next little one is… interesting. Actually, this one underwent significant revisions, and it seemed to force itself into existence. I tried my best to keep it dainty and eloquent, but perhaps you can tell me whether I was successful.

That’s right, folks, there is actually a comment box where you can post your sentiments, and undying love for yours truly. You know you want to. Seriously, it will feel sooooooo good! Even more, it is a surefire way to gain my thoughtful attention… so I mean, like, use your head bimbos!

(or is it “bimboes”??)



  1. Excellent, definitely.
    I look forward to seeing what your long-form fiction is like.

  2. Mmm. Evil, cruel, twisted, and ALL YOU! <3 SO HOT!!!

    Oh, and...

    *professes undying love for you*

    There we go! Can't wait to see all of your super exciting stuff!

  3. this is fantastic, totally love it ! Thank you

  4. Ohhh, yeah! Very evil and squirmy and beautiful. You know how to write and how to suggest a lot without saying it all.

  5. I am so remiss! Here I go almost literally begging for captions, and then I sit on my amply-sized heinie while they pour in... oh, bad Brenda! Naughty captioness!

    Thank you, dear hearts, for all the warm fuzzy love. What can I add? Yes, each one of you is exactly and perfectly correct in every way!

    *mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah*

  6. A novel! Yes!

    xo PhiL

  7. I'm very curious as to if there is a wider scope of context to this one. Even if there isn't it's certainly a hot concept on it's own.