Monday, 7 April 2014

Brenda's Revenge (Part Four)



  1. Hi Brenda,

    You've said later on that you think that this is one of your least sexy captions ever, it might just be my particular tastes but I've found it to be one of your sexiest. "Oh please do not punish her" encapsulates the insidious nature of Brenda's revenge.

  2. It's so nice you caught that, Samantha. I do like this cap... very much. What I kind of meant (aside from being depressed when I wrote it) is that there really wasn't any transformation, mind control or even a TG element... at least not explicitly. It is all very much under the surface. But you are right: there was a lot that turned on those words, the crux as it were.

    BTW you are my favorite captioner out there by far. I need to praise you like I should.

  3. omg this is your best yet! so erotic, so freaking arousing, I totally am going crazy reading this caption over and over.