Monday, 21 April 2014

Brenda's Revenge (Part Six)

Sorry for the long wait, my little dewdrops. It has taken me longer than expected to work through this story, but I hope your patience has been rewarded.

Some of you have guessed where this story was going (particularly after the last part) but I challenge you to guess how it is going to end...

You see, not even I know who will "win" this ultimate showdown. Does Brenda assert her dominance or will Mistress Alexa take back the reigns? Perhaps our dear Mr Banyon ends up on top. I am leaving it to you to decide!

That's right, I want you vote for the outcome of this story. Take a gander to the right of this page and register your vote. I am curious to see what you'll all decide.

In the meantime, read and enjoy!


  1. In regards to this caption in particular: I absolutely love the choice of picture. And, while I'm sure it was a matter of picture inspiring caption, I'm highly entertained by the choice of hat as a control method. While I'm normally very opposed to conflict and unhappiness, even if undetectable and completely internal, I also have a irrepressible joy of seeing someone's mind corrupted to enthusiastically and confidently proclaim their new beliefs for all to hear. There's something about the *spoken* angle that makes it so much ... squirmier. Combined with the decadence of their new beliefs being so completely opposite their old ones? Yes, please.

    Regarding the outcome of the story as a whole? Hm. Who wins is less important, to me, than what everyone loses, or gains, in the end. In this case, where everyone has developed their own ambitions, everyone should probably be corrupted to some degree. Someone will "win" but their new definition of winning probably shouldn't be what they originally had in mind.

  2. Pictures are often a source of inspiration for me, which is one of the reasons I write captions over other forms of storytelling. However, there are far more pictures than I know what to do with (especially in these days of Tumblr) and reasons why I choose some over others.

    I was just remarking to Tina Lee about all these silly hats I've been seeing on latex and fetish models: why are they so prevalent? Is it merely fashion? Probably, but they are silly nonetheless. I can imagine these girls, desperate for a break in the industry, willing to wear (almost?) anything just to be noticed, and then to top it all off... a hat. Who gets off on a hat?

    Silly or sinister? It's degrading, to be sure. They are always so jaunty, incongruent and ill-proportioned. And it is not the first time I used such a hat. Witness, for example, my banner up above (the very same image I used in an earlier chapter, to similar effect). No, my dear: this was not simply a case of picture inspiring caption, but I greatly appreciate your sentiment.

    If I may strain this point even further, you may recall my earlier blog, and perhaps the point at which it abruptly ended. I had been learning about certain... societies... and the real life practice of mind control. It actually caused me a real life breakdown of sorts (I'm doing better now, thank you). One of the images that persisted was the donning of certain headgear for both psychic and psychological effect.

    But I am remiss: it is wonderful to see you again. How long have you been lurking? Surely you saw my March 14 post? It's amazing, I lost so many captions, but that was one of the very few still apparently lurking. Please do not go away. You are so subtle and ephemeral. I do not want you to slip through my fingers. I hope that "no" isn't the answer to my unasked question.

    Regarding the ending and the notion of victory... may we save that discussion for my very next posting?

  3. picture is awesome, story line is very very enticing and is making a deep impression on me, cant get enough of this. Who do I want ot win ? but does the one the loses not really win .... omg you have my mind buzzing with thoughts and images, who should "win" , not sure but hope that it is not bambi