Friday, 5 September 2014


[Original text has been deleted because it sucks... enjoy the caption!]


  1. Never give up I now the struggle an wish someone would whisk me away and make me completely there servant while fully feminizing me DIANNA

  2. The original text did suck, but the caption remains a wonderfully creative attempt into a new direction.

  3. I prefer creatively wonderful to wonderfully creative, but if it's a compliment... what the heck, I'll take it!

    For those of you who are missing the story, I went on something of a rant against Facebook, which is about as productive as bemoaning the lack of meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (with apologies to Amy Heckerling).

    At the end of the day, I find, it is silly to hold grudges. People only hurt you with the hammers that you give them. We are all deceivers, and all of us fools. Omnia vincit amor.

  4. hmmm...

    Yes, I can certainly amend that to creatively wonderful should it more properly soothe the ego and spark the creativity, Brenda. Dhá aigne , anam amháin

  5. All this chat is fine, and it is certainly better than nothing, but the truth is... I have never felt less inspired. I sometimes wonder if I will ever write again.

    My ego will survive, even thrive, as it always seems to do. I fear that something has penetrated me far deeper than that. I used to trust everyone, and offer my love freely, but now I am distrustful and suspicious of nearly all I encounter. It is hard to imagine how I will ever recover.

    I want my companion back, to talk, openly and honestly, to share. The most awful gate came crashing down, separating me from a world that I had only started to explore. I can almost touch her, when I reach through the bars... but not quite.

    It's getting so I don't see the point anymore. Maybe I'll just take up some new hobbies, and leave this plane for good.