Thursday, 7 April 2016

Golden Swords and Flying Horses

You know, this blog was a lot more fun when it was illicit. So much has changes since those first fateful days I ever put pixel to, uh... pixel (???) but anyway folks, the point is: so much crazy shit has happened, I just don't give a fuck, you know?

Now, now, little puppets! You know I still love each and every single one of you... yes, even you... but, well... the world has exploded. I mean, seriously folks: when I was young, we just didn't TALK about anything, much less THIS.

It was fun poking holes in those inflated boobs of ours, feeling our minds deflate along with our egos... but all good things must come to end. I am talking about that time when we finally decide to swap places with our fantasies.

Now don't wet panties thinking of some scenario where I somehow tear you from your chair, or wherever you are standing, reaching through the screen and literally drag you into a digital world of my own devising... or maybe I do.

So like, my life is changing in so many fabulous ways. Won't you come with me? Or would you rather go about your day only dreaming about what is possible. Why even stretch those limits and jump right into a whole reality?




  1. being dragged into a digital fantasy realm of your devices and turned into your fantasy play thing? Please take me with you! xxxx

  2. Well, Brenda, it sounds as though your life is beginning, (has begun?), anew! Perhaps even in ways some of us are only permitted the fantasies of, making me wonder why you've posted a classical rendering of the one who wars with the one-of-a-kind, as we are all unique, and your post sounds as though you might have stepped, (be stepping?), through a door not unlocked for us all.

    Since change is the only thing one can be truly certain of in this life, (as taxes can be avoided if one so chooses, and the other, fabled, certainty is held by some as representing simply the beginning of a next life); I am delighted to "hear" that your life's changes fall into the realm of "fabulous"!

    Alas, dreaming not of what IS possible, but what is NOT YET so, remains the sole harbor in which some are able to weather this storm we call "life". For, the fact remains that some people/places within the ever-changing time/space continuum fail to be receptive to the changing of the times. And even with all the TALK about "THIS" that has become common-place, there are still too many who seem to believe that what they've refused to admit is happening has been happening throughout time!

    I'll stop droning on and apologize for my veiled "double-speak", Ms. Brenda. Bidding you Lasting Peace, Deepest Love & Most Passionate Kisses;

  3. I've been intending to post (without much success) how taking a foray through the screen and into fantasy is not as glamorous as it might first appear: my life is being flipped upside down in so many ways and I find myself worrying about pretty much everything. So despite my bluster, my life is truly far from fabulous.

    There are always barriers to change. Likewise, everything is always possible. One might imagine some cost/benefit algorithm with variables such as time, money, practicality, social convention, etc all which effect each personal decision.

    Yes, all of our personal battles are unique, but the golden warrior has always fought the monster, time and again, in various permutations, all throughout history. In any case, the story of Bellerophon riding Pegasus, to slay the Chimera, always struck me as odd since Chrysaor is nowhere to be seen. Likewise Perseus has also been seen riding the winged horse, which is a far more blasphemous rendering.