Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Great Goddess(es)

t has risen to my consciousness that some of you may have been offended by my very public castration of Lust (see: last post... or don't see it. I don't care) and so I apologize, for the fault is clearly mine: I failed to specify that this is a multi-part series.

... and as the severed member sailed across the heavens; from it's dripping blood sprang the giants of the earth, and then, whence rested in the ocean, from foam fared Aphrodite...

That's right, LUST becomes LOVE you silly mongooses and geeses! As for the Three Sisters, what ever became of them? Hmm, now that's an interesting question, thank you for asking: they became a very just and righteous archetype of their own happenstance.

Now listen: I shall not deny that, well... I become aggressive sometimes... a bit too pushy and demanding, maybe just overly forceful... at times. But listen, I never actually tried to offend anyone.... albeit, that becomes less and less of an excuse each time that I used it.

I must realise to learn to understand the patterns of my behaviour. I like patterns, because they make sense. They are beautiful, meticulous, and they have no apparent cause. It's like they always existed and always shall, in ways that we can never truly understand.

Hurting you (yes, YOU!) was the last thing I ever wanted to do, so please accept, as my abject apology: my guilt, my humiliation, my shame. Maybe I should write less about things that I barely understand, but on the other hand, there is something about that foam...

That frothy foamy goodness.



  1. P.S. I found my Matthew... or rather, he found me.

    Hi, Matthew! :-)

  2. People so often miss even the most obvious symbolism in the old myths, in spite of the immense power which causes them to come down to us.

  3. " come down to us...", or us to rise to them? For, I cannot but believe that there is no "myth" written free of some basis in truth. Old, or young, there can be no "myth" without some fact that binds it to the human soul... i.m.o. anyhow. And, lest we forget that we are creatures bound in the conjunction of body, mind and spirit - at least, so far as our digits commune with each-others' in this tangled skein of world-wide thought we call the "net" - and are subject to the laws of physics, to wit; just as that "Cosmological Constant" is, in fact, a variable, we must adhere to the third law as we rifle through time's tendency toward equilibrium, (i.e.; "chaos", or the greatest degree of non-order if it is accepted that the "beginning" was the greatest degree of order).

    Again, my humble opinion would be that we, as individuals being bereft of our complete human forms by the separation of our genders into either "this-or-that" without regard for the true "both-or-neither" which was our origin have been, throughout the course of human existence, warring with the members we should never have been denied in the first place!
    (I'll halt here.)

    Congratulations on finding your friend, Brenda! I hope the best for you both!!

  4. Hello! Saw this and thought of you: