Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Three Sisters

As you know, I never made a dime off my caps, but if I did, I'd have to give it all back... and you know, I've often lamented the loss of my old blog (#1 TG Caption blog of 2008-09 according to Google) I realize now that it's probably for the best.

You see, I've made a non-living exploring the pleasure potential of the Three Sisters: Guilt, Shame and Humiliation. I ever went so far to claim they were the root of our shared inclinations. I was wrong.

The Mother in question is simply just that, like the Cosmological Constant, always lurking in the background. It manages to save but a few the deformed children made by Lust every night.

I will talk more about this unhappy family in the weeks (and months?) to come. See, I need a break from my book, and a more-than-unhealthy outlet for my raging emotions, which are only going to get the more volatile.

... and so one day, the emotions all stood together and bound the incestuous Lust with unbreakable wire; then with meticulous grinding of the strongest blade known, the vile offender was castrated.

Anyway, some of yous have been asking about Matthew: nope, still no word. Some of yous others might remember him as my right hand man and moral compass from days hence. He was always there when I needed him. I was not there for him.

I know he's still out there, and I know he's reading this... when the time is right, he will contact me. I will be ready this time.

Yes, we are all our neighbour's keeper, and this neighbourhood is not as big as it seems. We've all made mistakes, some of them big. Are we bad? I really don't think so, no not really (except for YOU!! Naw just kidding, you're awesome!) but still we make bad choices now and again.

We all need to be here for each other, to support one another. It's the only way this works... but then who am I to talk? For many long years, I indulged the Three Sisters, but strangely enough, they still led me in the right direction.

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