Friday, 20 June 2014

Here Comes the Bride

Before we get down to business, I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between a doll and a doll-like creature (or DLC). Perhaps this is remedial for some of you, but apparently it warrants some discussion among the less enlightened.

You see, a doll is made of plastic, whereas a DLC is just like you and me, with flesh, bones, organs and tissues. Dolls do not eat, breathe or go to the bathroom. They are objects. Are you with me so far?

If you want a permanent transformation, it should be into a doll, not a DLC. I mean, think about: who will take care of its organic needs? How do you place it on a pedestal or store it away for extended periods of time?

Listen, DLCs have their place, and I have been known to use them on more than one occasion. They are temporary or transitional states, to be used in a wider context of mind control. Sometimes, in a story, I do not want “how is this possible?” to rear its ugly head, so I employ conventional means, such as drugs and hypnosis, to render a person virtually inanimate or otherwise a puppet.

When I write a doll story, I take it for granted that such fantastical transformations can and do happen, but this does give me license to make up a universe where anything goes. In other words, I want to make it as realistic as possible… it just happens that a person was turned into plastic.

Okay, how are we doing? I'm almost at my point. So… plastic, yet realistic. Let me ask you this: in a body that does contain eardrums, how do you hear? How do you see out of glass eyes? Obviously, it’s all part of the magical convention that we simply accept (for example, trapped consciousness) but then how do you set limits on what can be heard and seen?

Our biology both enables and limits our senses. When we transcend our biology, why to feel compelled to bring our limitations with us?

There is no reason why a doll (unlike a DLC) should not see and hear things much better than you or me. The alternative, in my mind, is to not see or hear anything at all. Anything in-between is simply our organic bias talking.

Furthermore, I find entirely cruel that a man or woman might be transformed into a doll without such natuarl gifts. The sheer boredom of living in a sensory sphere while kept alone for 99% of your existence is really sheer torture, no matter how fabulously dressed you are.

Still confused? Go back a few weeks to read my Best… Doll… Caption… Ever… or read it again. In case you haven’t heard me say it before, I consider myself the thinking pervert’s writer. There are more than enough sites out there if you want a cheep thrill.

Now then, lecture’s over. Let’s get back to the fun stuff: a brand new caption! Oh yes, this is one is solid gold. What else can I say?  Once more, I am asking you to read between the lines because I packed some nice stuff in there. Come on, don’t be shy…


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