Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Hello, all you sons and daughters!

In celebration of that man so responsible for our dysfunction, I am reposting my "classic" Father's Day caption.

Sorry for not having any new stuff today. As some of you know, I am heavily working, with a bunch of stuff around 90% complete, but not quite at that elusive 100%.

You see, my standards are much higher than once they were, as evidenced by this beauty below. Now, I would not be reposting unless I thought it was quality, but you can see how my style has changed over the years (while in many ways remaining the same).

Incidentally, it has been sooooooo nice hearing from you, some of you old and some of you new. Always so nice. Please keep it coming... don't be shy! The worst that can happen is that I manipulate you into becoming a cock hungry slut.

(Am I allowed to say that on Blogger? And how would Google translate that? Have I just messed up my keywords? Oh, please do not spam me!)

Anyway, hopefully your next wait will be somewhat shorter. Further to the above, I do have one cap up to 98% and another hovering at 93%. There is one in particularly sitting in the high eighties, but poor silly Sarah refuses to proof read it for me!

Oh yeah, speaking of proof reading, I have a funny story... you see, there is this highly esteemed EMC author with whom I have something of a passing acquaintance, in the manner, apparently, of an ant having a passing acquaintance with a shoe. I kindly asked her (not Sarah) to proof read the above-mentioned story, and she kindly responded with her hourly rate.

Can you believe that? Who the hell is me, some fly-by-night captioner? I'm BRENDA dammit! Hey, maybe I should start charging too, a nickel a view...

... that should get me up to ten dollars by the end of the summer. Oh well.



  1. Wonderful work Brenda, it's a bit different from your current style. It feels much more like instant control with the collars - which are a delicious idea, btw - while still quite obviously having a back story to submission with the lead in about the father falling for another woman.

    Looks like blogger let you say things just fine and what an honor it would be to be manipulated by one with a mind as sexy as yours!

    Hope you've stayed well!

  2. As Matthew said, this is both "a little different" and yet totally delish!

    Technology is as viable a source of both inspiration and control as magic or surgery or any of the other methods used by the genre...

    Please do not allow your past bad experiences deter you from further exploring this as the possibilities (properly handled by YOU) are endless...