Friday, 27 June 2014

Fall on your knees...

Hey folks,

I had this big ol' angry diatribe all written and prepared, but then I thought: who cares! This was actually one of those occasions they tell you about, where if you feel angry about something, just write it out... whaddya know, it worked!

So no need to share any of that with you. I'm just going to get straight to the goods here. To those of you follow me on Tumblr, you might recognize this next number from a few weeks back. I've spent some time trying to make it all blog-worthy, and it ended up pretty the same as it began.

I hope you like it! I really thought I was posting some magical ditties lately, but they seem to have been fallen flat for some reason. Who knows? It's a good thing that I write primarily for myself. Yep, no point getting caught up in a big ol' ego trip or anything.

No ma'am, not me... just a humble li'l captioneer, here.



  1. Absolutely delicious to see one have so much taken from her that the manipulator's desired outcome becomes her natural reaction. I can't even imagine how grateful she must feel for what must seem to be an unexplainable act of providence on behalf of the universe. I wonder what will come of her future. She seems devoted based on how handsome he is mostly, and looks don't last forever. I wonder what he'll do to ensure her devotion remains eternal, I wonder what will happen to her desires and her mind, but for now I'll just enjoy the caption.

    I'd really like to know what had you upset, even if you're feeling better now. I hope it isn't that you haven't had as much feedback on things as you might have liked. You should remember what you said about this place being a bimbo caption site in your Best... Doll... Caption... Ever... entry - and no I did not remember immediately which entry that was in, I thought it was earlier so I searched from the start. Even though you wanted to make this a bimbo caption site, your style seems more diverse while fixed within that point than it was in the past, which is impressive because you had diverse work in the past too. As you take on more and more types of scenarios and fetishes you will likely have hits with the same people a little less consistently than sticking to one type of scenario but your work will probably appeal to a broader audience. So your feedback may be a little more scattered among individuals, and there are other reasons for not commenting either, like having nothing more to say than "OMG so sexy!" That alone doesn't usually get me to comment for anybody.

    Anyway you decided to write it out and not post it here so I won't ask you to post what was bothering you in a comment, and I'm glad you're feeling better, but is there a preferred method for contacting your privately?

  2. Baby, I am sooooo sorry for being negligent with my reply! While I may be out of sight, you are not out of mind...

    First off, contacting me: I may have taken a page or two out of Ayesha's book, but I like to keep things nice and public -- it can be so much more fun that way!

    Having said that, I tend to be much quicker to contact via Facebook. You may search for me there under my spiffy new name, but if you are unable (or unwilling) to follow, then... well, let me know. I'm sure we can figure something out.

    Regarding my latest caption, I am so glad you like it! As always, your observations are groovy and keen. Funny thing is, though... in my mind, her captor was actually unattractive; kind of a an ugly guy, really... you know what I mean?

    As for what had me upset, well... make a list! There is really no end to things which bring me down, but in particular, my latest rants (including the one I deleted) had mainly to do with an old dear friend, who, in my own humble opinion, has made some bad choices lately which has negatively affected our relationship.

    Shall I be more specific? I normally don't like my Facebook persona to bleed into this, my most sacred blog, but I supposed my recent identity shift has broken down one big wall right there. Anyway, there is this mental virus going around by this wannabe technologist cult that I find really REALLY irksome, to say the least. I find it to be morally void, intellectually bankrupt and revoltingly exclusive. It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, and it makes me feel both sad and angry that it has taken my friend.

    Perhaps this is the type of conversion that is best made in private... but lo, I can Ayesha in the distance, laughing at me.

  3. I'll try to keep things as public as possible then. I had asked for a couple reasons: a while ago you mentioned your proofreader not being available, and while not wanting to take the honor of proofreading for you away from him/her, if your proofreader wanted help or was unavailable, I wanted to offer my services. Also when you announced your name change I was terrified, of the possibility that you might discontinue captioning and then return but under a different name or in some capacity where I would be unaware. It was funny, the notion of you quitting for some reason that led to a new way of living was perfectly acceptable to me, even cheerful as I thought of you being happy with something different from what you have. However the thought of being unable to see your work while it was happening, it felt like deprivation to imagine it. Moreover I wanted the freedom to ask about the things that bother you and offer comfort. As a bimbo blog, I fear you might not want to throw in a negative tone and I worry it means you'll have to deal with negative feelings on your own. I may still try to address some of that in private, I guess it all depends on the tone you want to add to the blog and how life treats you. I suppose lastly I asked to have another method to get to know you, I rather enjoy it!

    Now I understand about the caption, she thinks he is handsome and always will but you envisioned him as not being physically attractive to begin with. I'm sorry your relationship with Ayesha has suffered, I hope you two find your relationship strengthened again in the near future. There's little I could do to help her, so my hope is all I can offer.

  4. Silly Mathew! I was not talking about my friend Ayesha (aside from her exhibitionist tendencies) but rather another, who shall not be named.

    I think it's cute that you want to protect me. I am curious to know you as well.

  5. Wonderfully done! Love the notion of the change being seemingly instant, and having memories of their old life. I enjoy her confusion and conflict over yearning for a man when a part of her knows that she shouldn't.

  6. Yes! She is struggling with a lot, this one is. So much has changed in so little time, and her very own instincts betray her. How fearful and vulnerable she must feel...

    Even if there wasn't any mental manipulation at play (which there is) she might easily attach herself to any alpha figure who takes her reigns, and employ any means to stay under his protection.