Friday, 14 February 2014

First Post

I'm just working out the kinks (in more way than one) on this here blog. I hope get things up and started real, real soon. I've got a steaming hot load of deliciously perverted captions just raring to go, which I shall pepper and salt with just the right about of musing, reflection and outright beguilement.

Let the countdown commence!


  1. I'm sooooo excited!!

  2. Hi Busty Brenda

    Its lovely to see you back, I thought you had just dropped off the side of the earth. ^^

    I hope that all has been going well for you... & again, its wonderful to see you back. :)

    Pink & Fluffi Hugzz & Kisses

    K@t ^^

  3. Hiya K@T!

    It really has been long, way too long... it's so nice to see you again! I had in fact dropped off the side of the earth, but being what it is, I seem to have popped back up the other side. I may have to find other ways to terminate this unfortunate cycle.

    Sorry, did that sound morbid? Yeah, well... it is an addiction, don't you know. At least for some of us, it is. How are you doing, sweetie? For me, there is not much to tell outside of what I post, but I'd like to hear all about you and what you're doing.

    So glad that you found me... take care li'l fluffi one, and drop me a line sometime. I've missed ya, baby!

    (simply) Brenda

  4. Hi Brenda,

    Just catching up with your new work. Absolutely excellent, exactly the kind of captions that started me trying to make my own. I'll drop off a few more comments on the relevant posts.