Tuesday, 18 February 2014

If you post it, they will cum...

Well, I might as well get the blog rolling. I choose to inaugurate my new blog with a sweet little cap that I wrote specifically for my dear little friend, Tina Lee. 

Tina Lee likes to cum... a lot, and I mean A LOT a lot... it's kind of like an in-joke between us. We share the same brain, in some ways. That is, I know how she thinks and feels. I enjoy my power over her, knowing that I can get her dripping with just a single word, and drive her raging with just a few more.

I seldom personalize caps, nor do I have someone specifically in mind when I write then. My characters are usually broad generalizations or faceless archetypes, but Tina Lee is special, and deserves special recognition. Dedicating this caption, and this blog, to her can bring nothing but luck, so here goes. 

I have 45 page views as of my writing this. With a little bit of gumption and help from you all, I hope to bring that up considerably. 



  1. OMG! I'm sooooo honored!!x

  2. "... As one of Madam Brenda's newly refashioned 'Pyg-male-lions', Tina was especially taken with the fresh self-perspective filling her mind! It would be several days before she settled into her new roll as bait...-erm, an enticement to new clients who might be in need of some change in their perspective of the local tarts! ..."

    Hello, Ms. Brenda! I'm thrilled at the prospect of pressing our supple buxomness between us an discovering what tale might result!


  3. What a delightful introduction, Ms w8z2x4m! (May I call you Elle-Jae? How about ellgee-wellgee-poopsalot?)

    Really though... delighted. I can be a little bit awkward on a first date, but would it be too forward of me to say that I love you madly and I want to meld with you into some type of super bimbo amalagam?

    Tell me more, tell me more!

    1. Well, I am certainly honored by your welcome & response to my 'epELLEogue' Ms. Brenda (Big Tits)! Elle, with/out Jae, will be fine, dear, (although, I might prefer that one part read 'popsalot' if you must use a pet name for a toy, Ma'am) !
      And I just LOVE to meld in all sorts of ways, (3-or-4-of-a-kind, not-so-straight-flushes, with or without royalty! Long ago & far away I went 'through the looking-glass' and played both a Guard Card and The White Knight! But, alas, I digress).

      Hmm, 'amalgam'. That word just rolls from the lips & tongue with such sweet, savory possibilities& phonetic potential! (something like, 'thrust'!) I must say that the concept of a 'body big enough for the both of us' does have a certain... allure?! No telling how far we might go as a statuesque, bodaciously-tatta'd Amazonian Dom/sub-being!!! Combining our wits & our tits could lead 'conqHering' the world in the most lovely shades of pink & purple, wouldn't you think, friend Brenda!?!

      I may just have to put together a little token of mutual admiration, Ms. Brenda!


    2. Oh, p.s.;
      I Love the 'hexagon-ombs', honey! They remind me of the Avalon Hill games I used to play! :-x


  4. I was just rereading your captions today Brenda, and while looking over the comments I became intrigued. What is a Pyg-male-lion? I am aware of the term 'pygmalion' in culture, but this seems like a Brenda specific term so I am extremely intrigued. I hope you've been doing well Brenda!

  5. That's a very good question, Matthew. You will have to ask w8z2x4m about that one -- it's not a Brendatic word, I'm afraid.

    And while I'll take your attribution in the best possible way, I'm really not in the business of inventing such words... except, perhaps for things like "Brendatic". If it's not about me, I'm really not interested.

    Speaking of which, shouldn't you be worshipping me more? No matter, hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have something creamy for your shorts.

  6. Worshiping you huh, well I check your blog multiple times a day - i was so eagerly anticipating your answer, almost as much as I anticipate your work - so it's not like you don't deserve it and it's not like we both don't know I'd enjoy it anyway. I'll have to come up with that to do. The only idea that comes to mind is learning to make captions and dedicating the work to you. Perhaps you have other ideas as to how you would like to be revered?

    I look forward to your work! *bows

  7. Oh, Matthew! It would certain bring me great pleasure to torture and torment you. Isn't that funny? This is how I react to ardent fan? There is definitely something twisted in that.

    Seriously, though... I was love to have you on a cellphone leash, face chatting on command so I check to see that you're wearing the right shade if lipstick, and so forth... shall I go on?

    Of course we both know that you like to be treated cruelly, and knees like yours were made to grovel. No, I do not want you to caption, as I loathe the competition! I mean, look at what happened to that loathsome Samantha DeSavory, with the nerve sometimes to outwrite even me!

    Oh, but it's late and I'm tired! Nice to have you around, my friend. I have some stories kicking around, but it's a matter of finding the time to put them on showcase.

  8. I'm sure I'd love any and all torture, torment, or other whims of yours - or grow too in the case that I didn't. All you have to do is ask, Brenda. After all I can hardly afford and wouldn't want to displease one of the sexiest caption writers - even if that means exploring tg in a more personal way - I actually only found the tg caption community because of my search for and its link to d/s and mind control/alteration.

    We all love every twisted part of you, and the untwisted ones too! Hope you slept well!

  9. Replies
    1. Amazing how time flies when you're having some, eh, Brenda!? And, here's hoping that all is going better than well for you!