Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I'll Tumbl 4 Ya

I feel like I’ve been spreading nothing but anger and confusion this past little while, so I figure it’s long past time to balance the scales. I present to thee: a brand new cap!

It’s funny, having done this for so long, to recently learn that some people call them “manips” – what an odd name! I always thought they referred to manipulated pictures, of the sort that Callidus might do, but apparently the term enjoys wider usage.

I do not “manipulate” pictures (people, on the other hand, are another matter entirely) preferring to keep them virginal and pure for my verbal massage. I will, however, use the term manip a few more times in order to increase my hit count.

Speaking of hit count, I recently got back in touch with my good friend after a very long and inexplicable hiatus, and she was kind enough to explain why nobody cares about my long-toothed ramblings and tired old manips.

Just kidding, of course: she is nothing but pink and fluffy. Really, she explained to me how Blogger is simply not the “cutting edge” any more, with people preferring to fill their panties on long streams of photos from the (relatively) anonymous Tumblr.

Oh, I have seen Tumblr, in all of it’s glory! I even have an account there, which nobody checks. In addition to countless gorgeous pics, there are also many prodigious “manipulators” whose writing talents might even rival my own (not to mention those of the unparalleled Samantha, another Blogger holdout).

And their output, zounds! How do they find the time to do anything else in life? Regardless, I am a stalwart, a stick in the mud. I am used to doing things my way, and that shall not change. Also, I simply cannot keep up with the frenetic pace of Tumblr.

Besides, I provide a specialized product for the discerning reader, one who wishes to sit and absorb, and not let all their absorption be done by a wad of tissue. Not that I have anything against tissue, oh no... and get your wad ready, because here it comes…



  1. tumblr has created a new version of captions that I can't say I really enjoy - no story, all in your face with little substance. Good for those ONLY looking for a quick fix to a kink but for those who want more, captions like the one above are the way to go.

  2. I've seen people write stories underneath pictures (not in any special format) which qualify as captions in my book. Some of them are of reasonable length, and often quite good. I am thinking of summerscaptions as a terrific example.

    Unfortunately, we cannot shake the Tumblr bogeyman so easily. I like to think there is still a large and lush place for captions here on blogger, but it doesn't quite hold the monopoly that it once did.

  3. For the most part, tumblr seems to have become the place for those who only seek stimulation of the body. Here, people like you remember that the MIND is the best playground...

  4. You say "piece of meat on display" like it's a bad thing! *giggles* Who wouldn't love to have an ass like that, if all it takes is signing a few dumb papers?

  5. It is a nice ass, isn't it?

    You have to remember, bimbo, that she was only "mildly disturbed" -- an understatement, if I ever meant to write one. Indeed, if you read closely, there is a lot to find disturbing.

    Of course we would all want to be her -- who wouldn't? Well, maybe not her.

    Really, I figure, only one in 10,000 males actually wants to be female (please do not cite me) so the odds of this happening to any of us is really astronomical times 10,000.

    Still, though... suppose this was fate, that the powers that be brought him to her door: she still loses everything, and all for a piece of ass.

    How like a man!

  6. I had a few goes with tumblr: good for a scrapbook. The chief attraction of Blogger is convenience of course: it's very convenient for Google to keep track of you and your "secret" selves;)

    That's a very funny, confusing, and sexy story. A spicy mix.

    xo Phil