Wednesday, 20 August 2014

An Unfortunate Encounter


It has come to my attention that some of you may be experiencing technical difficulties while trying to post comments. One the one hand, it pleases to me know that Blogger, rather than lethargy, is the reason for my dearth of feedback. On the other hand… damn!

(Is there a computer doctor in the house?)

Fortunately, I have received enough reassurance these days that my confidence is riding at reasonably high levels, so I’m actually not all that concerned one way or another… as sucky as it may be that I’m possibly missing out on some fascinating threads of discussion.

Anyway, you did not come here to hear me wax on and on about my administrative concerns. You came to get off, and I think I can help you… maybe.

This next caption is really, really hot… except that some of you may have seen it before. No matter, not only has it been polished (oh, will you even notice?) but to many of you, it might even be new.

While I still have some pots on the stove, I haven’t gotten much of a chance to work on them these days. Still, I have reason to believe that my creative juices might be heating to a simmer, and if all goes as expected, to a full rolling boil.

Which is more that I can say for this pedantic, pedestrian introduction – where is the deep philosophical musing? Where is the introspective questioning, the soul rending emotion? I’m simply too tired… a little bit worn and stretched… but in a good way.

Oh, how mysterious, Brenda! Pray tell, what have you been up to? None of your beeswax, says me! Besides, many of you already know, and those who do not, you may drop an e-mail if the comments still aren’t working. I love to hear from all my bright-eyed, bushy-tailed fans telling me how wonderful I am.

I am pretty wonderful, aren’t? Come on… you can say it! Shout it from the rooftops so that everyone can hear it: Brenda has the biggest tits imaginable!

(Didn’t that feel good?)



  1. You are the most wonderful captioner and an incredible person besides. I'm so happy I get to leave you feedback and converse with you... oh and yes Brenda has the biggest tits imaginable!

  2. Also I'm so honored for my name to be used in one of your captions, I know there are other "Matthew's" out there but just to see my name in your work was touching. I would mention how wonderful it feels for my name to be in such a yummy piece of work, but I find so much of your work delicious that the comment really could be used anywhere. I suppose personally I would behave much like the Matthew you wrote towards this Jocelyn, but if you were my "tormentor" I think I'd give you your satisfaction much more willingly.

  3. Awwww, Matthew! As much as it will thrill me to slip you into a schoolgirl outfit, truth be told, I love you JUST how you are!


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  5. Oh, that is a sexy story. The humiliation doesn't appeal to me (I don't think), but the rest ... imagine finding yourself in a new body, unable to stop yourself ... exploring ... but people might see! ... yes, interesting.

    xo Phil

  6. Love the caption! I really wish there were a follow up!

  7. Wish granted, Mr Anonymous!

    And to my other Mr Anonymous... you sound a little uncertain. Why not check out "An Unfortunate Night" and tell me how you feel.

    Ahhhh... sweet humiliation!