Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Friends in Need

I write a lot about trickery. I like to believe that my writing is honest (whatever that means) but how could that be? Are they two sides of an ever spinning coin, blurring in my mind to be one and the same thing?

What about the third side?

I find myself believing more and more about opposing forces, whether two, three, twelve or some irrational number. Truly all is vibration, oscillation which gives reality its substance. A being at rest is true nothing.

I have spoken about resistance as being a necessary driver to fiction: again, it is measure to counter-measure and the sensation of existence. I find this pattern repeating itself, time and again, and it’s especially manifest in the realm of the mind, whether individual or collective (e.g. Internet).

Sound and fury, signifying… nothing? We make noise, and noise atop noise, and create vast complexities which overwhelm us in our attempt to feel real. When we hit the figurative wall and things come to a stop, the meaningless becomes apparent.

But we are never still, we never stop, because relative to something, we are always moving. Is it the coin that is spinning or is it us, spinning around it, faster and faster? And where are we exactly, in the realm of the mind, our quantum existence, where we can be everywhere at once and nowhere at all?

If you want to know the connection between the body and mind, corporeal and incorporeal, it is really and most truly you: your will, your drive, your focus, your creation. You bridge these dimensions, a being of them both, reflecting the laws from one upon the other in the most astounding ways.

Twisting, turning and trickery… are essential. The Truth alone is silent, peaceful and reflective. The first words themselves were most certainly lies of egregious proportions. Say, for example, let there be light: was this not really let there be darkness?

Could there be honesty in lies, truth in deception, wisdom in foolishness? How could there not be? The coin never actually lands: it’s all just a matter of perception. And there is no coin. Whoever told you there is one is a liar.

We all want to spin, faster and faster down the hypnotic spiral, deeper and deepest to where we lose all volition and control, becoming none, becoming all: everything blurred beyond recognition… does Truth itself have a counter-measure?

(Getting dizzy here)

Caption! Yes, here it is: something new, something different, the kind of which I have never done before. Here it goes into the vast universe, to be consumed by the vortex of your hungry little eyes… I can hear them nibbling right now… they sound like mice.

(I’ll just leave you be… enjoy!)


  1. I'm doing a caption contest right and it would be my honnor if you got in it

  2. I would love to participate! How many entries do I get?

  3. as much as you see fit feel free