Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Brenda's Revenge (Part Two)

So now we are well in our way into Brenda's Revenge... and it's about time, too! That arrogant Mr Banyon, it's about time he got a taste of his own medicine!

I've been working so hard, I haven't any time or energy for my usual philosophizing, so you will have to make do with the caption itself... scratch that, I do have one thought.

It is somewhat new for me to deal with a story arc, a challenge which I also encountered in the first Mr Banyon story. I am trying to progress the plot, yet make each caption panty-wetting in it's own right.

It is also my intention to make one or two mind blowing twists that totally soak through to your skirt: the so-called "money-caption". I think the first is coming next, with the later hopefully to follow.

I really wish that some of you would tell me how my experiments are going. As I try to make the transition from mere captioner to full blown storyteller, any feedback would be helpful.

Okay, enough of this nonsense... read and enjoy!


  1. My gosh this is sooooo awesome Brenda!! Mr Banyon is going to learn what true pleasure is!!! Thank you!!

    1. I think it's lovely that you care for that abusive, manipulative and otherwise deplorable Mr Banyon! Such pleasure is certainly no less than he, hrrm... deserves.

      I'll ask you this though... I imagine that our Brenda was a sweet and submissive man to begin with, and his transformation served to accentuate those qualities. Now take a fellow like Banyon... how do you suppose he will turn out?

      I'm not trying to give anything away or anything... just asking. I mean, who knows what twists and turns this story will take? Not me, that's for sure!

  2. I am more like Brenda :(. Except I think the stronger you resist the harder you might fall! >:)

  3. omg simply awesome, cant wait to see how miss banyon turns out !