Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mr Banyon (Part Seven)

Welcome, to all you miscreants from World of TG! I am pleased to be on its highly selective blogroll, and I anticipate many juicy eyeballs on which to bestow my heavily captioned treats.

You arrived just in time... well, not really. I am just wrapping up my famous Mr Banyon series. You may read this concluding chapter right now, but I would encourage you to start from the beginning.

As for the rest of you… well, here it is. Perhaps you are thinking it’s a bit anti-climatic? Well… um, screw you! (Ha, ha, ha! I would never really insult my readership. You are marvelous, each and every one of you). 

To be honest, I knew from the start there was only one direction this could go: deeper and deeper, twisted and twistier... I never actually thought it would go this far

I mean, the outcome surprises even me. This is some subject matter that frankly makes me uncomfortable, and I will have a few sleepless nights just thinking about what I wrote. 

I want to avoid spoilers, so just read and enjoy, and hopefully we can discuss this in comments. One thing that I will say is… it ain’t over yet! 

That’s right, folks: I’ve got a sequel all ready and rarin’ to go! Maybe this will give you the comeuppance that some of you were hoping for… or maybe not, but I promise it will be a doozy!


  1. She looks amazing! There's nothing hotter than betraying people for such yummyness! Of course, once they discover how wonderful it feels they'll totally thank her. She's not betraying them, she's like...helping them!

  2. But these poor people are COMPLETELY unwilling! In fact, they were so disgusted when they saw Brenda's routine, they even walked out!

    Even more, these are members of her family that she is "willingly" transforming into sex slaves -- is that not a little bit wrong? What horrid things might Mr Banyon have them do together when they are under his control???

    Frankly, I find all of this more than a little bit disturbing... can't believe I wrote it. Must be those tricky muses at work.

  3. Brenda is a dream, simply stunning, to meet her would melt your heart and capture your soul, so why do I feel like I really need to meet her?
    Amazing work, well done and thank you
    Katrina xxx