Monday, 3 March 2014

Mr Banyon (Part Four)

The saga continues, already halfway there... so nice to see some people following me, and even some more are taking the time to read the fruits of my labor.

I appreciate each and every set of eyeballs that feast upon my work. I hope you can see that I put a lot of thought and effort into my caps, and I do not consider any of them to be throwaway. It is my ambition to have them fill your mind and haunt your dreams... or at least wet your panties.

I haven't much more to say on this groggy Monday morning, but feel free as always to share your thoughts with me.



  1. ohmygosh! She's going deeper and deeper. This is sooooo wonderful Brenda!! Thank you!!

  2. The question is: how looooooow can she gooooooo??

  3. Wow she's gorgeous! Can I ask who's this model? ;) - Budugu

    1. Oh, Boo! You are such a silly little dumpling! I have no idea who she is, pet... but I hear the writer is very hot and sexy!

  4. really loving these captions, the story is inspired
    Katrina Love x