Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mr Banyon (Part Five)

I trust you are enjoying the lives and affairs of our dear Mr Banyon and my hapless ersatz, Brenda.

Like it or not, there is still plenty more to come! The chapters are already written and waiting to be posted.

Is this really invigorating writing, or just some masturbatory exercise... hopefully both! In any case, I hope you do enjoy...


  1. mmmmm that is the PERFECT party outfit!! So much funI You're so right Brenda...its not fun without a little reluctance! I wish I was her so bad!

  2. Ooh, writing the series out beforehand - why hadn't I thought of that?
    Writing them day-to-day can get tricksy, especially if you suddenly veer off in direction...

  3. It really is a fun little party outfit, isn't it? Gosh, I feel so sorry for li'l Brenda... she's been through so much, finally has the chance to let down her hair and maybe enjoy her new body, and then along comes Mr Banyon to ruin everything!

    And yes, I've been through the story trap before. So much nicer to plan in advance, go back and fix things, tinker some more... does anyone else realize how much work this all takes? Will I ever stop reminding everyone?

  4. omg this is my fav so far ! totally love her outfit